OTFs are helping sufferers of chronic disease reclaim an active lifestyle

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Martha is 70 and she suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Her body doesn’t perform basic movements like they used to, like taking a glass of water by herself. How does she take her tablets when there’s nobody around to help her? What if she needs to take them soon and she couldn’t call anybody? How can we make medications effective enough to help people like Martha?

The innovation in Geriatrics does have a solution: Oral Thin Films. OTFs are a breath of relief for people suffering from chronic diseases and need assistance in their medications.

Not just the old aged people, but infants and children could benefit a lot from OTFs in a number of ways, as will be discussed below.

This breakthrough medical technology is helping patients avoid the many setbacks of using the traditional ways of taking their medications, capsules and tablets.

Capsules and tablets are not just bitter to taste but also rely on water or other liquids, to be taken orally. People with chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, asthma, cancer, etc live on medications for a longer duration of time; and some, their whole life. It is, therefore, obvious that these people become frustrated and reluctant with the trouble they have to go through for these medicines regularly.

This is how OTF medications are better than traditional forms for any chronic disease:

Convenient to carry

One of the biggest challenges people with chronic diseases face is commuting with a bag full of medicines. These thin strips take 1/10th of the space that traditional medicines take. The easily fit in a small zipper of a regular bag. That way, in an emergency, the patient could find the tablet she is looking for without much trouble. If you suffer from a chronic disease, you know it’s unlikely that you would ever get rid of the medicines, sounds blunt but it’s only true. But with OTFs, there’s one less problem to worry about.

Doesn’t require liquid or spoon to administer

This is the biggest USP of this idea. The drug can be taken independently without relying on any kind of liquid to swallow or spoon to measure the quantity. All it needs is your body to be hydrated. The medicine or the supplement in the film enters your bloodstream through saliva. These rapidly dissolving, non-sticky films have a drug loading capacity as high as 100 mg of the active drug.

Lets you relax

You will be surprised to notice the relief it brings you without the constant worry of having everything else with your medicines. You wouldn’t have to bother about maintaining your checklist of things you require for taking them, all the time.

Doesn’t taste bitter

Unlike traditional tablets, OTFs do not taste bitter. The bitterness is masked without altering its medicinal properties and composition. This makes regular consumption not a daunting task. This way children wouldn’t be as receptive of medicine as they get sometimes and the same could be said about the aged too.

Oral Thin Films, a revolutionary product, is a blessing to people with oral inconvenience pertaining to any physical condition or illness. Zimlab, with its Zeal and Innovation, understands the challenges of patients like Martha and comes with the best possible solutions to deal with the same.

Oral Thin Film, a technology of oral medication and supplementation, though in its infancy stage has given remarkable results. Zimlabs is amongst the few global companies to have mastered the technology.

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