5 Reasons why Orally Dissolving Films are a mother’s favorite

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It’s not easy for a mother to watch her kids suffer when they are sick. And when she needs to give them medicines that they despise and are reluctant to take, she feels even worse.

But she needs them to take those medicines.

In this era of convenient healthcare and innovative technology, a solution to this problem has been effectively solved by researchers and technology experts.

They understood the challenges with the traditional methods of drug delivery (like giving them to children) and found a way to overcome them. The solution they came up with?

Orally Soluble Films

These thin strips are made by adding just the right dose of the medicine into the thin, soluble strips. These strips can be taken without any water or any other liquid and they dissolve quickly in the mouth, getting absorbed by the body almost immediately. This direct to body response of the strips make the drug work faster.

Orally Soluble Films are getting hugely popular among mothers as they are more easily accepted by the kids rather than traditional drugs.

If you are wondering what makes mothers like this delivery system so much, here are the top five reasons:

Accurate Dosage

Since these strips, also known as Oral Thin Films (OTFs), come with a certain dosage, a mother need not measure the dosage each time she is giving them the medicines. Especially in the case of tonics, mothers always get worried that they might give more than what’s needed or not enough. OTFs strips can be given in unit quantity, so depending on the dosage suggested by the doctor, she can give them one strip or more.

These strips could have dosages of milli to nano levels which makes it easier to provide with just the right dose for each patient.

Children can take their own medicine

Since these strips need not be measured, children can take their medicines themselves. Mothers would not need to administer the drug whenever it’s time. This will also help the children in building reliability on self. It teaches them the responsibility of taking care of their own health.

This will help children being on their medicine schedule even when they are in their schools by themselves.

No risk of swallowing

Small children aren’t usually given solid tablets. For them, tablets are dissolved in the water and fed the liquid. But in some cases, children might find these drugs and take it. This could have serious ramifications as these tablets could get stuck in their throats.

OTFs reduce the risks as they are not solid and cannot get stuck. They just dissolve in the mouth.

Ease of administration

During commuting or traveling, it’s difficult to have water and for children, it could be even more dangerous. But if the medicine needs to be given, it will be difficult to give them with water. OTFs will help in situations like these because they don’t need water and all they need is to be placed in the mouth and it dissolves.

Also, it is relatively more useful in cases of emergencies like seizures when it gets difficult for the patient to swallow any kind of medication. It will also help patients with paralysis as well.

And since they fit perfectly in small packets, they are easy to carry around.

Taste Masking

OTFs with taste masking methods can help make medicines taste better. A lot of children are reluctant to have medicines because they don’t like the taste. After the taste masking is done, children are more willing to take the medicine. Moreover, a lot of elderly patients also seem reluctant to have bitter drugs.

With all these advantages, mothers are finding it a lot easier to make their kids take medications that essential for their recovery. It has helped them keep their kids’ health in check without forcing them to take medications that they don’t want to have with much ease than ever before.

Technologies like OTFs are helping create better drug delivery methods for people who have hindrance to the voluntary swallowing of traditional medicines like tablets and capsules. They can be for children, elderly, mentally challenged, nauseated, unconscious, or bedridden. ZIM is one of the few companies globally and one of the few companies in India to have mastered OTF technology.

About ZIM Laboratories

ZIM is an innovative drug delivery solution provider focusing on improving patient convenience and adherence to drug intake. We offer a range of technology-based drug delivery solutions and non-infringing proprietary manufacturing processes for production and supply of innovative and differentiated generic pharmaceutical products to our customers globally. ZIM provides its customers with a comprehensive range of value-added solid dosage differentiated generic products in semi-finished and finished categories/formulations. These include granules, pellets (sustained, modified, extended-release), taste-masked powders, suspensions, tablets, capsules and its recently developed Oral Thin Films (OTF).

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