Managing Director Mr. Anwar Daud enlightens VMA members on ZIM’s growth story

September 29, 2017 Spread the awareness:
Mr. Anwar Daud was invited to share the inspiring story of ZIM Laboratories and its exponential growth in the pharmaceutical industry through almost three decades at Vidarbha Management Association. The association invites accomplished entrepreneurs and professionals to share their success stories to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs.
One must try to find humour in failure and bounce back stronger
“Businesses are all about uncertainties and despite one’s best efforts, one may meet failures and adversities. In such conditions, an entrepreneur should face tragedy with some sense of humour. One must learn to laugh at one’s failures and then bounce back stronger, wiser,” said Mr. Anwar Daud, CEO-MD, ZIM Laboratories. He made the statement while addressing the gathering at Vidarbha Management Association’s Sunday talk at Chitnavis Centre recently.
ZIM Laboratories was started by Mr. Anwar Daud in 1989 in Kalmeshwar. Over the years, the company has grown steadily and extended its operations across continents. Mr. Anwar Daud stressed on the need to innovate, irrespective of the industry. “Research and Development lies at the heart of the growth ZIM has seen over the years. We always made sure we were continuously innovating,” he added. Talking about entrepreneurial excellence, Mr Daud insisted on getting small things done right the first time. He advised entrepreneurs to focus on simplifying things for efficient and productive operations.
The ambition of one man can make extraordinary things happen. It was the ambition of one man that has created a world-class pharmaceutical company right at the heart of the nation. Zeal and Innovation in Medicine, ZIM represents excellence in the pharma industry.
Headquartered at Kalmeshwar, ZIM is a fine example of a local company growing beyond borders and achieving global acclaim. However, the growth did not happen overnight and neither was it a piece of cake. Founder and MD Anwar Daud shared his journey as an entrepreneur and left the audience in awe of the phenomenal growth ZIM Labs has achieved over the years.

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