Nutraceutical products and their impact on human health

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Nutraceutical product

If not glaringly obvious, the term Nutraceutical is an amalgamation of words, nutrition, and pharmaceutical. Also known as bioceuticals or functional foods, these supplements are consumed for their nutritional value.

These dietary supplements can cure nutrient deficiencies and help avoid conditions that are caused by them, like headaches and migraines.

Often touted as being more hype than healthy, nutraceuticals are finally reaching the levels that marketing had previously benchmarked for them. More and more benefits of these supplementary drugs are being found that could lead to more effective and less risky ways of improving health.

Why Nutraceutical?

With increased awareness about health amongst masses, the need for Nutraceutical products is pressing now more than ever. People are more conscious of what they consume and their nutritional intake. Questions about caloric intake, nutritional value, organic/inorganic sources, environmental sustainability are rampant these days.

The fact that the generation today suffers from varied gastrointestinal diseases such as obesity has made people look hard into what they consume. They want to stay healthy and are actively looking for products that can provide the necessary nutrients for the body.

Although they cannot entirely substitute a healthy dietary plan, Nutraceutical products can be an added benefit as the quality and health quotient of the readily available and packed foods become questionable.

Impact of Nutraceuticals on health.

Nutraceutical is consciously or subconsciously consumed with the intention to boost or maximize bodily functions and aid in medically treating illness.  Health benefits that nutraceuticals can possibly provide include:

  • Combatting aging
  • Increasing life expectancy
  • Chronic disease prevention
  • Supporting body functions and more

In conclusion, nutraceuticals are now becoming a popular addition to diet plans on top of healthy food intake. People are not buying into the old adage of “Let food be the medicine “ now more than ever. Medicine is not probably returning to its roots of Asian Ayurveda etc and with modern technology, the  will grow further.

About ZIM Laboratories

ZIM is an innovative drug delivery solution provider focusing on improving patient convenience and adherence to drug intake. We offer a range of technology-based drug delivery solutions and non-infringing proprietary manufacturing processes for the production and supply of innovative and differentiated generic pharmaceutical products to our customers globally. ZIM provides its customers with a comprehensive range of value-added solid dosage differentiated generic products in semi-finished and finished categories/formulations. These include granules, pellets (sustained, modified, extended-release), taste-masked powders, suspensions, tablets, capsules and its recently developed Oral Thin Films (OTF).

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