Oral Thin Films: Drug delivery focused on Patient convenience.

February 4, 2019 Spread the awareness:

Thin Film technology is one of the most promising medical innovations in the last decade. Initially, Thin films grew popular as a drug delivery mechanism for nutraceuticals, however, big pharma are slowly warming up to the idea as the benefits of patient adherence and convenience cannot be discounted.

Suitable for Uncooperative patients:

Thin films are improving the lives of patients by providing them with a quick and painless way to consume medicines. This is especially helpful in the case of uncooperative patients such as toddlers and infants (Pediatric), Bedridden patients, or those suffering from mental illnesses.

Fast dissolving and Taste masking:

Thin films are formulated such that they dissolve instantly on contact with saliva, risks of choking are vastly reduced as a result of this fast dissolving action. Thin films also have powerful taste-masking technology that makes medicines more palatable for sensitive patients.

Precise and accurate dosage:

Thin films enable dosages with milli to nano precision. This addresses the challenge of manufacturing dosage forms for potent drugs. It also allows for a larger range of custom dosages to be prepared according to the weight and age of each patient.

Portable and improves convenience

Oral thin films are light and portable and available in easy to store and carry handy packs. This helps vastly improve patient adherence as it can be consumed on the go. Thin films are preferable to tablets and capsules especially when patients are traveling to remote locations where access to water might be limited.

Improved Bio-availability

Thin films have improved bio-availability as they avoid the first metabolic pathway and are directly absorbed into the bloodstream when given by sublingual or buccal route. This means that even a lower dose of the drug is effective and the side effects of the drug are reduced.

Improves adherence

Patients who suffer from chronic diseases such Asthma, Bronchitis, and Allergies benefit from convenient and painless administration as they have to take multiple dosages and medicines throughout the day. Thin film based drug delivery helps improve adherence and quality of life for such patients.

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