Oral Thin Films: Pioneering an era of patient-friendly drugs

April 24, 2019 Spread the awareness:

Nobody likes medicines. Not older people, not the youth and definitely not the infants. But in an age of technological and scientific progress, as we tear through the ranks of the many strains of diseases every day, the miscellany of disease-causing factors keeps ever increasing. You find a cure for one of them and there spring a dozen more to take the place of their fallen comrade.; much more resilient and adaptive to the targeted medication.

This raises serious questions about our ability to combat diseases using just our immune system or available opinion, thereby ushering in the need for better and more broad-spectrum medication.

However, bigger than the challenge of creating medication to combat diseases, is always accompanied with challenge to create them with the most acceptable mode of administrations. Tablets, pills, capsules, liquid and vapor have been tried and have proven effective in ingesting medication, but not with very favorable acceptance from the special need patient population.

One of the major challenges in administering medicine through swallowing or inhaling, which in many circumstances can prove to be difficult if the patient is a child or suffering from an affliction that inhibits these processes. In the said case then, the only mode to resort to that remains is intravenous drug transfusion – which as many of us may already know, is not a very painless process

What then could be a better alternative? Is there even one?

Fortunately, now the answer to those questions is a resounding “YES.”

ZIM laboratories has pioneered the creation of a new mode of drug ingestion/delivery known as OTF or Oral Thin Films.

many body organs on its way through the digestive system thereby retaining the greatest amount of potency and hence circumventing the first pass effect. Not to mention the lack of need of ingesting this with water since the minimal amount of saliva already present in the mouth is sufficient to dissolve the thin film and release the medication. Since the process does not involve swallowing or inhaling, even patients who are suffering from such afflictions would still be able to have the drug administered to them without the need of painful needles.

Moreover, this unique method also allows us to add sweetening, flavoring or coloring agents to increase the appeal to kids, older patients and difficult patients alike, thereby doing away with the days when patients feared or detested taking medicine due to the bitterness and foul taste.

This new methodology of drug ingestion comes with many virtues; you can check out more details about this revolutionary new technology on our website here:


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