Potential consequences and cost of medication non-adherence

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Ever forgot to take your pill or medication? You sure have! Blame it on your busy lifestyle or pure negligence but it is very common for people to miss their medicine dose. We have a general tendency to skip the most essential tasks like our morning breakfast or a good night’s sleep that help us lead a healthy life. Of these habits, missing medicine doses is the most dangerous.

Did you known on-adherence to prescribed treatment is thought to cause at least 100,000 preventable deaths and $100 billion in preventable medical costs per year? Sound’s shocking right! The culprit is the lack of awareness of the consequences of medication non-adherence.

Medication non-adherence happens when you do not follow the prescribed medication for any health condition. Medication non-adherence does not show sudden results or side effects. It manifests slowly and starts affecting your health. Sadly you realize it only when the disease aggravates to a more complicated condition.

Impacts of Medication non-adherence that you need to know -

  • If you are suffering from chronic health conditions, then medical non-adherence can have a stronger impact on you. For example,a diabetic patient should never ignore his or her prescribed medication. It can only lead to the worsening of the condition.
  • Medication non-compliance can actually turn things upside down when it comes to expenditure. In most cases the disease gets into a more serious stage that the expense for medication is relatively higher than before.
  • Medication non-adherence can actually effect the doctor patient equation. Medication and treatment can be successful only when there is cooperation from the patient. Neglecting the advice from the doctor will result in worsening of your condition and lack of trust on the treatment and the doctor as well.

Why Medication adherence is so underrated?

Unnecessary prejudices about the side effects of medication and in many other cases, the prolonged term of medication are primary reasons for medication non-adherence. Apart from this there are other reasons due to which people don’t take their medicines on time. People who travel a lot find it inconvenient to carry their medicine tablets, sometimes.Voluntary swallowing is a challenge for people with special needs which leads to medication non-adherence.

The forms of medicines area reason for hindrance among children for medication adherence. The traditional tablet and capsule form is inconvenient for medication especially among elderly patients. When medication begins to interfere with our daily life, we tend to stop following the prescribed medication.

Easy to carry Pocket-Freindly

We at Zim Laboratories are concentrating on making healthcare affordable through Drug Delivery Solutions, focusing on ‘Patient Convenience and Adherence’. Our latest OTF technology has helped us achieve this goal with medicines being made available in easy-to-use pocket-friendly strips form.These Oral Soluble Films dissolve when kept on your tongue and do not need water or any other medium for intake. They dissolve rapidly compared to tablets which leads to increased absorption of medication in the body.

Prevention is always better than cure and no-one likes to fall sick but then when you do, don’t you want to recover fast? At ZIM, we try to make this process a little more patient friendly.

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