Zim Gives Back: Massive eye health drive conducted for over 48 schools in Nagpur

May 15, 2019 Spread the awareness:

Ever since we began operations in Nagpur in 1989, we’ve strongly believed in giving back to the community where we do business. As part of our efforts to uplift our local community, we’ve always hired local Pharmaceutical and Scientific talent whenever possible and given them a chance to achieve success at the highest level.

Zim currently provides employment to around 1,200 youth in and around Kamleshwar, Nagpur and we believe that even as we expand globally we will keep strengthening our roots and bettering prospects in the region. Every year, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, we make it a point to look at the health challenges faced by the country at large and our community in particular and take action at fostering a better tomorrow.

Last year our focus area was ‘visual impairment and blindness’, one of the major health hurdles faced by our country. Studies suggest that close to 80% of blindness in India is because of cataract and uncorrected refractive errors which are easily preventable if detected early on.

We observed that financial constraints and lack of awareness often lead to eye health being ignored or left undetected until it becomes too late. This was leading to school dropouts as eye disease hampered classroom participation and learning. Over the span of the year, we conducted a regionwide Eye Health checkup for school students in and around Kalmeshwar in an attempt to tackle the crisis.

In the Eye Health drive held over the span of the last year, we covered 48 schools and conducted checkups for 7699 students. We have distributed 1614 spectacle free of cost for those suffering from refractive illnesses, treated 915 students suffering from watery eyes, burning or redness of the eyes and referred 110 children to hospitals for advanced eye treatment.

Our efforts have managed to drum up awareness amongst the community about the importance of eye health and the need for regular health checkups. As we chose to conduct checkups for the student community, the sensitized students have started referring their parents and immediate family members and encouraging them to participate in eye checkups and seek treatment.

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