ZIM’s exclusive Oral Thin Film manufacturing technology – ‘Thinoral®’

September 15, 2017 Spread the awareness:

Fast dissolving oral films are thin & elegant films that dissolves instantaneously when kept on the tongue. These films do not require water for their administration. The films are instantly wettable, rapidly dissolving, non-sticky, non-tacky, and non-curving. As much as 100 mg of active drug can be loaded on these films. A patent application has already been filed in various countries. The technology has been registered with the name ‘Thinoral ®’. It is suitable for delivery of thermo labile actives, also both solid and liquid drugs can be formulated into thin film delivery platform.The dosage form is ideal for special need patient population segment. There are many patients who can’t swallow their medicines. ZIM has so far developed about 30 products in Orally Disintegrating Films dosage form and many more are in pipeline.

About ZIM Labs

ZIM Laboratories Limited is an innovative drug delivery solutions providing company targeting patient convenience and adherence. It uses proprietary technologies (modified release and taste masking), to develop and manufacture differentiated pharmaceutical products.

It is located in Nagpur, Central India and is EU-GMP, WHO-GMP Certified and ISO 9001:2008 accredited company supported by an excellent team of professionals and state-of- the-art facility.

ZIM is engaged in the activities of research and development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of oral solid dosage formulations and per-formulations (PFI) covering tablets, capsules, dry syrups, pellets, granules and orally disintegrating films. More information available on ZIM

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