Growth Initiatives

Enhance product life cycle

Increase patient convenience

Improve adherence to treatment

Building marketing partnerships for the pre-formulation intermediates and finished formulations in the RoW & pharmerging markets.

Establishing our presence in the regulated markets through both pharmaceutical & nutraceutical products

Developing products that are valuable to business partners & patients across markets.

Capacity expansion by adding latest manufacturing equipment required for supply to Pharmerging and Developed markets within our EU GMP registered facility.

Bring flexibility in manufacturing of PFI and FF in small batches for export to various markets under a dedicated small-batch manufacturing (SBM) set up.

Internal reorganization & upgrading of certain facilities for improved audit and compliance.

Develop partnership with alternate API vendors that cater to Pharmerging and Developed markets for higher quality supplies.

Streamlining the integrated ERP solution to bring more transparency in operations & financial processes in line with the requirements of regulators and customers.

Continued investment in latest testing equipment, team of experienced manpower and training in the QA and QC departments.


Dr. Anwar S. Daud

Chairman and Managing Director

(M. Pharm, Ph.D.)

Dr. Anwar S. Daud is an M. Pharm and Ph.D in pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutics respectively. He began his professional journey in 1981, and returned in 1989 to Nagpur, his home town to fulfill his dream of turning entrepreneur by co-founding ZIM Laboratories.

Dr. Anwar S. Daud has been responsible for the overall growth of ZIM into an R&D based pharmaceutical manufacturing company that supplies medicines to more than 50 countries worldwide adhering to the strictest standards of quality.His keen interest in research and innovation has led ZIM to develop several innovative process technologies for manufacturing novel delivery systems and differentiated products.

He is associated with several professional bodies and continuously works for raising the standards of the pharmaceutical profession in India. He has been felicitated time and again, by various organizations for his contributions towards industry and society.

Mr. Zulfiquar Kamal

Director - Finance

A chartered accountant, Zulfiquar Kamal has been associated with the company for over 25 years. He has been on the Board of Directors since 1991. With his financial acumen, refined over an experience of more than three decades, he brings to the table the financial discipline and control necessary for a growing organization like ZIM Labs. In his current role as Director – Finance, Mr. Kamal oversees the commercial operations of the company. He envisions ZIM Labs to be a financially efficient organization known for its operational efficiencies and technological process.


Mr. Niraj Dhadiwal

Director - Business Development

Mr. Niraj Dhadiwal is a pharmacy graduate with a diploma in business management and has been with the company for nearly three decades. He started his career with ZIM Labs as a production officer in 1991, rising through ranks to his current position of Director. With his keen business acumen and technical knowledge, Mr. Dhadiwal has played a key role in the export-development arm of the company. His contribution to the development of overseas business stands unmatched and a testament to his foresight and ability to tap into new markets. In his current role as Director – Business Development, Mr. Dhadiwal looks after the business development and marketing functions of the company. He envisions ZIM Labs to have a global presence with innovative and differentiated products leading to good returns for all the stakeholders.


Mr. Prakash Sapkal

Director - Operations

Mr. Prakash Sapkal is a Pharmacy graduate with post-graduation in Business Administration. He is associated with the Company for 26 years starting his career as Assistant Chemist. During all these years he has handled key operations in various capacities like Production Supervisor, Production Manager, and Vice President – Operations. His major contribution has been in assembling a team that has brought the vision of ZIM Labs to life.


Mrs. Kavita Loya

Independent Director

Kavita Loya is a Senior Practicing Chartered Accountant with 20 years of experience. She is on the Board as an Independent Director. She is presently a Partner in Loya Bagri & Company, Chartered Accountants. She is a Member of Capacity Building Committee of the Western Region of ICAI, Mumbai & Women’s Empowerment Committee, Nagpur Chapter.


Mr. Suprakash Chakravarty

Independent Director

A decorated IPS officer from Maharashtra with 37 years of experience, Suprakash Chakravarty is on the Board as an Independent Director. He retired as Director General – Anti Corruption Bureau, MS.


Dr. Naresh Janardan Gaikwad

Independent Director

Dr. Gaikwad has a Doctorate in medical sciences and has over 42 years of experience in pharmaceutical sciences. He is on the Board as an Independent Director. He retired as head of the Pharmaceutical Sciences department of Nagpur University.


Mr. Padmakar S. Joshi

Independent Director

Padmakar Joshi is a senior banking professional with more than 37 years of rich and multi-functional experience in areas of commercial banking. He is on the Board as an Independent Director. He retired as Dy. Head- Corporate & SME Credit Monitoring and Debt Restructuring, Union Bank of India.


Dr. V. V. Parashar

Independent Director

With a doctorate in pharmaceutical chemistry and over 40 years of experience in academics, Dr. Parashar is on the Board of Directors as an Independent Director. He is now retired from academics.


Management Committee

Mr. Pradeep Kataria

Senior Vice President – Operations

Mr.Pradeep Kataria is a postgraduate in pharmacy with an association of more than 26 years with the organization. Mr.Kataria joined ZIM as Production Supervisor in 1995.

He has been a hands-on leader of the Operations team and has been involved in successful scale-ups of pellets and taste-masking technologies developed by the company . He has also been a meticulous administrator in developing, maintaining and managing in accordance with the high standards required for various accreditations.In his current role, Mr Kataria, with his problem-solving and administration skills, looks after day-to-day activities of the plant, including manufacturing, external audits and internal coordination amongst operational departments.


Mr. Shyam Mohan Patro

Chief Financial Officer – Accounts and Finance

Mr.Patro is the CFO of ZIM and has been with the Company since April 2019.He is a Qualified Cost Accountant and Company Secretary.

He has also completed M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics form NIT Rourkela and EPBM from IIM Kolkata. He has over 23 years of experience in diversified areas covering finance, taxation, legal, commercial and control functions and is responsible for these functions in Zim Laboratories.


Mr. Vijay Fudke

Senior Vice President – Technical Services

Mr.Vijay Fudke is a pharmacy graduate with an association of more than 25 years with ZIM. Having spent his initial years in the field of quality control, Mr.Fudke joined ZIM as a Quality Assurance (QA) Officer in 1996.

He has played an instrumental role in the achievement of various accreditations by the company, such as the EU-GMP, WHO-GMP & ISO 9001:2008. In his current role as Senior Vice President – Technical Services, Mr.Fudke is involved in providing clients with technical services like molecule selection for development, business expansion and high-level technical query resolution.


Focused marketing efforts on direct exports of PFI

Formulation Products

Reduction of low margin deemed exports business-particularly from Africa

Direct bidding for higher margin products

Government tenders vs. bidding through third parties

‘Commercialization’ of the OTF range of products

Income Statements

Particular FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1
Income from Operations 652621681624654818701710624
Other Operating Income 175241554446412212
Total Income from Operations 669673722679698864742732636
Operating Cost 631625647596594751660638574
EBIDTA 384875831041138294 62
EBIT 71740476878455528
Finance costs 323232302927233025
Profit/(Loss) before exceptional item & tax (25)(15)817395122253
Exceptional Item -----52---
Profit/(Loss) before tax (25)(15)81739(1)22253

INR in Millions

Particular FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 H2
Income from Operations 1,2341,4161,3731,8541,2731,3051,4721,411
Other Operating Income 2941375369969063
Total Income from Operations 1,2631,4571,4101,9071,3421,4011,5621,474
Operating Cost 1,0991,2471,2271,6451,2561,2431,3451,298
EBIDTA 16421018326286158217176
EBIT 1171591282052487146100
Finance costs 4945555064625653
Profit/(Loss) before exceptional item & tax 6811473155(40)259047
Exceptional Item -(59)----52-
Profit/(Loss) before tax 6817373155(40)253847

INR in Millions

Particular FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
Income from Operations 2,6503,2272,5782,883
Other Operating Income 7090165153
Total Income from Operations 2,7203,3172,7433,036
Operating Cost 2,3462,8722,4992,643
EBIDTA 374445244393
EBIT 276333111246
Finance costs 94105126109
Profit/(Loss) before exceptional item & tax 182228(15) 137
Exceptional Item (59)-- 52
Profit/(Loss) before tax 241228.00(15)85

INR in Millions

Particular FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 H2
Property, plant and equipment including Capital work-in-progress 9369771,0791,0721,1141,1221,0791,052
Intangible assets including Intangible assets under development 2747616979878384
Other Non-Current Assets 135229121195256257255237
Current Assets 1,8701,7211,9411,9121,9271,7631,8061,830
Total assets 2,9682,9743,2023,2483,3763,2293,2233,203
Equity 1,2231,3601,4071,5121,5001,5181,5441,570
Borrowings 799698733623776771651664
Other Non- Current Liabilities ----4652
Current Liabilities 9469161,0621,1131,0969341,023967
Total equity and liabilities 2,9682,9743,2023,2483,3763,2293,2233,203

INR in Millions

Particular FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
Property, plant and equipment including Capital work-in-progress 9771,0721,1221,052
Intangible assets including Intangible assets under development 476987 84
Other Non-Current Assets 229195257 237
Current Assets 1,7211,9121,7631,830
Total assets 2,9743,2483,2293,203
Equity 1,3601,5121,518 1,570
Borrowings 698623771664
Other Non- Current Liabilities --6 2
Current Liabilities 9161,113934 967
Total equity and liabilities 2,9743,2483,229 3,203

INR in Millions


Business Mix

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