Our Subsidiaries

To expand our business on a global scale, we have established subsidiary companies in strategic locations including India, the UAE, Australia, and the EU. This expansion allows us to better serve our international clients, tap into new markets, and strengthen our global presence. Through these subsidiaries, we aim to enhance our operational efficiency, comply with local regulations, and foster closer relationships with our customers and partners around the world.

 ZIM Laboratories FZE, Sharjah, UAE
(100% Subsidiary)

Business Development and Marketing in MENA* and Africa regions.

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ZIM Health Technologies Limited, India
(100% Subsidiary)

Incorporated to expand ZIM Laboratories Limited's R&D initiatives by focussing on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of complex generic and high-end Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products for both Key Developed and Pharmerging markets**.

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 SIA ZIM Laboratories Limited, Latvia, EU
(100% Subsidiary)

Product Registrations and Marketing Initiatives for our Innovative Products in the EU.

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ZIM Laboratories Middle East DMCC
(Step Down Subsidiary)

Incorporated in September 2023 as a subsidiary of ZIM Laboratories FZE, Sharjah, UAE, for product registrations and marketing and distribution initiatives in MENA* and Africa regions.

ZIM Thinorals Private Limited, India
(100% Subsidiary)

Incorporated for the OTF business, the subsidiary is yet to commence operations.

Australia, Subsidiary

Incorporated in December 2022 for product registrations and marketing & distribution initiatives in Australia and New Zealand.

 *MENA: Middle East and North Africa
**Key Developed and Pharmerging Markets: EU, Turkey, Canada, Australia, BRICS, LatAm, Saudi Arabia, and other markets with high GDP / Capita