Therapy Agnostic Products:
Multiple Technology Platforms

We are one of the few companies globally having in-house technology for the manufacturing of oral thin films.

Our patented Thinoral® technology yield instantly wettable, rapidly dissolving, non-sticky, non-tacky and non-curving films with drug load as high as 100 mg of the active drug.

Our Mucostrip® technology is suitable for the delivery of drugs through sublingual and buccal routes.

Directly compressible granules are just one step away from getting converted into end product i.e. tablets. We have the state-of-the-art technology to manufacture directly compressible granules, especially with modified release profiles. These granules can be directly compressed into tablets with minimal challenges at any manufacturing facility.

We empower our PFI customer with high technology products to address the unmet medical needs of their markets and work for the larger benefit of the patient community.

Oral administration of bitter or unpleasant tasting drug is often the biggest barrier for developing medicines for special need patient populations like pediatric, geriatric and mentally challenged patients.

We have mastered the art of masking the taste of bitter molecules without affecting their dissolution profile, bio-availability, while maintaining adequate shelf life.

Our taste masked dry powders, dry syrups and orally disintegrating films have achieved extensive patient acceptability and hence have resulted in enhance patient compliance.

Multiparticulates offer better control on the release profiles of drug molecules and therefore are preferred for the designing of modified release dosage forms.

We have expertise to develop and manufacture pellets in various release profiles including immediate, delayed, controlled, sustained and targeted release.

Pellets with such modified release profiles improve patient convenience by reducing dosage frequency and have the least side effects.




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R&D Patents

About 24 inventions with 62 patent applications wordwide, out of which 5 patents are already granted.

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Product Registration

ZIM focuses on pharmerging and regulated markets after establishing it's presence in more than 50 countries around the world.

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We are glad that our commitment towards innovative research and quality products is very well recognised and rewarded.

IPA ACG SciTech Award for "Best Innovation in Solid Dosage Form" by Indian Pharmaceutical Association. 2016

Winner of "PHARMA EXPORT EXCELLENCE" Award. 2017

Winner of "Excellence in R&D" Award in 5th Annual India Pharma Awards. 2017

Winner of "VIDARBHA UDYOG GAURAV" Award - Best Exporter of The Region.2018

Winner of "VIDARBHA UDYOG GAURAV" Award - Large Scale Industry.2019

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