From Policy to Practice: Why Saudi Arabia and Russia Focus on Pre-Formulation Intermediates (PFIs)

Pre-formulation intermediates (PFIs) play a crucial role in the drug development process. These are precisely formulated blends of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and inactive ingredients, often in powder form, that serve as the foundation for developing final drug formulations. PFIs play a vital role in testing potential drug efficacy and safety, streamlining production processes, and ultimately reducing costs. As the global pharmaceutical industry recognizes the significance of PFIs, countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia are taking a proactive approach by implementing stricter regulations for their use.

The Strategic Importance of PFIs

PFIs are more than just pre-mixed ingredients. They offer a range of benefits throughout the drug development process, such as:

Enhanced Efficiency: 

  • Faster Formulation Testing: PFIs eliminate the need for researchers to individually measure and mix various ingredients for each test batch. This allows for quicker evaluation of different drug delivery methods and dosage forms.
  • Streamlined Experimentation: Standardised PFIs ensure consistent properties across batches, allowing researchers to focus on testing the drug's effect rather than troubleshooting formulation inconsistencies.
  • Reduced Development Cycles: PFIs can significantly shorten the overall time it takes to bring a new drug to market by speeding up formulation testing and experimentation.

Improved Quality:

  • Reduced Variability: Precise pre-mixing of APIs and inactive ingredients minimizes batch-to-batch variations, leading to more consistent drug delivery and therapeutic effects.
  • Enhanced Drug Performance: Consistent PFI properties ensure the drug performs reliably as intended within the body.
  • Improved Manufacturing Efficiency: Standardised PFIs streamline production processes, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring higher quality final drug products.

Reduced Costs:

  • Lower Labour Costs: Eliminating the need for manual ingredient measurement and mixing reduces labor requirements and associated costs.
  • Minimised Material Waste: Pre-measured PFIs minimize the risk of errors and wasted materials during drug formulation.
  • Faster Time to Market: Companies can expedite bringing their drugs to market through shortened development cycles with PFIs, leading to a faster potential return on investment (ROI).

Why do Saudi Arabia and Russia Focus on PFI Regulation?

Saudi Arabia:

Vision 2030, a strategic framework to diversify the Saudi Arabian economy beyond oil, has placed a strong emphasis on developing a robust domestic pharmaceutical industry. A well-defined regulatory framework for PFIs acts as a cornerstone for this goal. Clear regulations will attract investment in R&D (Research and Development) for PFI production, fostering innovation and job creation in the pharmaceutical sector. Additionally, stricter PFI regulations can mitigate potential national security concerns by ensuring responsible use and preventing misuse.


Russia aims to significantly increase domestic production of pharmaceuticals and reduce reliance on imports. Implementing clear PFI regulations can streamline the drug development process within the country. Standardized PFIs can expedite the testing and production of new drugs, ultimately leading to a more self-sufficient pharmaceutical industry. Similar to Saudi Arabia, Russia might also have an interest in controlling access to PFIs for national security reasons.

The Global Landscape of PFI Regulation:

While Saudi Arabia and Russia are establishing their PFI regulatory frameworks, other countries like the US and those in the European Union have well-established regulations governing the use of PFIs. These existing regulations can serve as a model for these emerging pharmaceutical players.

Potential Benefits and Challenges

Stricter PFI regulations can offer several benefits, such as:

Stronger Domestic Industries: Clear regulations create a predictable and stable environment for pharmaceutical companies. This attracts investment in Research & Development (R&D) for PFI production, fostering:

  • The development of domestic expertise in PFI formulation.
  • The creation of new PFI products tailored to specific regional needs.
  • Local PFI manufacturing capabilities are expanding, which could result in job creation and bring about economic benefits.

Enhanced Security: Stricter regulations can mitigate security risks by:

  • Implementing licensing and permitting systems for PFI production and handling.
  • Establishing clear guidelines for the secure storage and transportation of PFIs.
  • Developing robust tracking and control mechanisms to prevent the diversion of PFIs for illegal purposes.

However, implementing stricter regulations also presents, challenges such as:

Enforcement: Effective enforcement requires:

  • Building capacity within regulatory agencies to monitor compliance.
  • Developing clear and efficient inspection procedures.
  • Establishing penalties for non-compliance that are both significant and consistently enforced.

Impact on Innovation: Overly stringent regulations could:

  • Discourage innovation in PFI formulations due to lengthy approval processes.
  • Stifle the development of new, potentially life-saving drugs if PFI testing becomes overly restricted.
  • Increase costs for pharmaceutical companies seeking PFI approvals, potentially slowing down drug development.

Saudi Arabia and Russia's focus on PFI regulations reflects their strategic goals for domestic pharmaceutical development. These regulations hold the potential to strengthen their pharmaceutical industries and reduce reliance on imports. Stricter PFI regulations might become more commonplace in the global pharmaceutical landscape, impacting the industry worldwide.

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