How Can Directly Compressible Granules Manufacturers Aid Pharmaceutical Companies

Drugs can be administered through the oral pathway most easily in the form of tablets. The easiest and the most preferred method of tablet making is adopting a method of Direct Compression (DC). Direct Compression has the fewest manufacturing steps, making it the easiest to control and least expensive method of tablet manufacturing. The direct compression process of tablet formation primarily uses two steps:

  1. Firstly, the APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) are blended and thoroughly mixed with excipients to ensure uniformity
  1. Then, the mixture is compressed into the tablets' desired shape, size, and weight. This gives the finished product- the final, consumable tablet

Another common method of tablet manufacturing is wet granulation, but in almost all cases, directly compressible granules manufacturers have the upper hand. Apart from the process of drug compression being simple, the key advantages of direct Compression over wet granulation include- reduced capital, labour, and energy costs for manufacture. In addition, many APIs are water-sensitive or react with water. Therefore, the avoidance of water in the use of manufacturing preserves these water-sensitive drugs.

How can Directly Compressible Granules manufacturers aid pharmaceutical companies?

  1. Direct Compression is the simplest, quickest, and most economical method for manufacturing tablets. In addition, it requires a lot less processing as compared to the other techniques.
  1.   One of the primary advantages of direct Compression is that fewer units are operating per tablet. This makes the process economical by lowering equipment, power consumption, space, time, and labour requirements.
  1.   Water is a chemical compound that may react with or change the properties of other chemical compounds. When other manufacturing methods use water for the production of tablets, it increases the chance of corrupting the API with water and, thus, making the tablet unfit for use. But with direct Compression, there is no involvement of any other external chemical that may change the property of the drug.
  1.   Another method uses heat for the manufacture of tablets. Many APIs are proteins that get easily denatured with a temperature change. Thus, the direct compression method is suitable for even those APIs that are heat sensitive.
  1.   The tablets that are made by the process of direct compression dissolve and disintegrate into API particles and not granules. This way, they exhibit a comparatively faster dissolution and better, more even, and faster absorption.
  1.   Other techniques of manufacturing tablets, like slugging or roller compaction, use a high compaction pressure. This can be avoided by using direct Compression.
  1.   Since the process is quick and uses the least equipment, the materials stay exposed only for a very short period. This ensures that there is less chance for contamination or cross-contamination- making it pure and high quality.
  1.   Since no trace of water is present in the tablet, it does not support microbial growth. This adds to the purity and uncontaminated form of the tablet.

Practical use of DC technique by Directly compressible granules manufacturers

  1. Though DC is the best-suited method, it is not without challenges. The Directly compressible granules manufacturers need to ensure that the compression mix has a constant flow to ensure a consistent tablet weight. This can be ensured by making sure that the adjuvant is free-flowing so that it is homogenous and causes the rapid flow of powder for uniform die-filling.
  1. The Compression should also compress the mixture into compact and robust tablets so that the resulting tablets remain stable over time to maintain safety and efficacy.
  1. According to an estimation, less than 20% of pharmaceutical materials can be compressed directly into tablets. The bottlenecks that cause this lack of compressibility are lack of flow, cohesion properties, and lubrication. The solution to this challenge is that the APIs must be blended with other directly compressible ingredients to be able to manufacture satisfactory tablets.


Conclusively, it can be safely stated that though there may be a few challenges posed for the Directly compressible granules manufacturers, it is undeniably the safest, fastest, most cost-efficient, and most universal method of tablet production.

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