72nd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress: India’s Apex Pharmaceutical Event is Back

January 10, 2023

After 41 years, Nagpur played host to the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress. The 72ndIndian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC) took place from January 20 to 22nd,2023, at the Jamnalal Bajaj Administrative Building on the campus ofRashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University on Amravati Road in Nagpur, India.

The event was hosted by the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association (IPCA) and the Department of Pharmaceutical Science. On Friday, January 20, the IPC was officially opened by Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, in the presence of several influential people, including Dr Ajit Singh, Chairman of ACG Capsules Limited, and Dr Venugopal Somani, DGCI of the Government of India.

What is the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress?

Every year, pharmacists from all across India assemble in New Delhi for the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress. In total, the event attracts around 10,000delegates from India and elsewhere. Members of the academic community and the people working in the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies, R&D, the pharmaceutical equipment industry, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs),excipients (APIs), and the chemical industry are all represented.

This annual conference's purpose is tofacilitate dialogue and collaboration amongst scholars, scientists, and business moguls within the industry. Moreover, the event elevates the participants 'academic and scientific understanding of pharmacists and their place in the healthcare system.

Themes and events at IPC Nagpur 2023

The 72ndIndian Pharmaceutical Congress focused on "Access to Quality and Affordable Medical Products."

Due to COVID-19, the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress was being conducted after a two-year gap. To that end, the IPC's local organizing committee (LOC) prioritized events concerning the growth of the industry like ‘the CEO conclave’ with a participation of over 20CEOs, Chairmans, and MDs from companies like Gencrest Inc., Pfizer, Suven Life Sciences, Ajanta Pharma, Blue Cross, Orbicular, Bharat Biotech, Aurobindo, AMTZ, Horiba, Bharat Serum and Vaccines, Viatris (Mylan), and Pulse Pharma.

Shri. Atul Mandlekar, the Chairman; DrMilind J. Umekar, the APTI National President; Prof. Prakash Itankar, from theDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences; and the rest of the LoC team wereresponsible for organizing the entire IPC.

The subjects, themes, and ideas discussedin the conference were around Biotechnology, Pharmacovigilance, Nanotechnology,Pharmacogenomics, Medical Coding, Pharmacoeconomics, Geriatric, and PediatricMedicare, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Personalized Medicine, Cosmeceuticals, and Nutraceuticals; MSME; HVAC/Track and Trace mechanism;Scientific Sessions on Blockchain Technologies.

Innovations in Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Pharmacological Sciences; Drug Discovery; and Health Education were also showcased at IPC, making it truly one-of-a-kind. The conference consisted of 13symposia and plenary sessions with 39 presentations. About eighty-five lecturers and resources spoke at the convention during the course of the three days.

To assist new business owners in entering the pharmaceutical industry, the IPC also provided interactive workshops with pharma CEOs and HR managers. The objective was to pique the enthusiasm of recent college grads in establishing their own pharmaceutical companies.

The CEO conference even brought together ministers from both the federal and state levels of the government, the drug controller general of India, and the top executives from the world's leading pharmaceutical businesses.

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