How Will The World Emerge After The Pandemic?

Those were the early days of 2020 - the world had come to a complete stand-still and humans feared breathing air. Lakhs of people died and for months together people were locked in their homes, terror gripping their hearts but eyes shining with hope.It might read like a dystopian novel but that’s how our present situation would be described in the future (say in the year 2050).But right now, the bigger question still is - how will the world be after the pandemic? (in 2020, 21 or whenever the end is)

That’s an intriguing question that comes with a lot of uncertainty and a tinge of hope.

Back to the Future

No, we’re not talking about the famous movie. We are talking about the future of humankind after the pandemic has passed. Are we going to resume our lives trying to forget all that transpired in these months?The answer depends mainly on our perspective - a complicated dynamic that keeps changing continuously, depending on our mood and outside stimuli. However, we can safely say that there are some obvious changes the world would see:[

Change in the Global Economies

We all know that the global economies are suffering and the wave is falling so low some experts believe it might result in extreme recession. Governments have enforced lockdowns stopping the production of goods, services across industries are also facing a halt, and IT companies are functioning from the homes of the employees.Moreover, a lot of them are forced to reduce their manpower or reduce their pay to cut costs and sustain. Fortunately, there’s more to it than meets the eye.Although it might not appear so, economies often go through phases like these only a little less theatrical. It starts with expansion, goes to a peak, recedes with a recession, and drops to depression. It again starts with recovery, then gets back to expansion, goes to the peak, and yet again ends in a recession.As the future unfolds, we will (hopefully) see expansion which is a sign of a good economy.

Change in Intellectual Wellbeing

Along with the global economic changes, our behavior, as a species, is also changing. Every person reacts to stressful situations differently. Temporary bursts of hope and panic can aptly define the tumultuous situation of human beings during a pandemic.People have been forced to stay in their homes, only being allowed to go out for essentials. Students are forced to take online classes to continue education, children are pushed to play indoors. People have become more hygienic and health-conscious using antiviral sanitizers, some even adopting vitamin medications for building immunity.It’s a forcible adoption with the possibility of a positive adaptation.Post COVID-19 crisis, people will have the ability to cope better when something unexpected arrives.Society will become more open to change and people will become more human. In slow strides, this dystopia will transform into a Utopia with more to be grateful for.Of course, there will still be challenges to overcome but we’d be ready to face them.

Change in Nature: Undoing Man’s Damage

Jellyfishes were seen in the canals of Venice, Migratory Flamingos on the coast of Mumbai, and river Yamuna turning clear without the chemical foam flowing through it.Looks like nature is reminding us of how little we need to do to make the world better again.In the future, human species will be more open to co-existing with the other species. They will also learn how to live with simple things and think twice before trying to destroy nature for their selfish purposes.

Back to the Present: We Shall Overcome this Pandemic

Our current situation might be causing panic but it’ll just be another lesson from human history or a case-study for our next generation. The least we could do is play our part in this fight for survival and do it right.We, at Zim laboratories, urge you all to pull off a Dunkirk to get out of this economic and human crisis. Follow government guidelines, help those around you, be considerate towards others’ needs, and stay home to save lives.No matter what happens, one thing’s for sure - our now is not forever, our forev. This too shall pass and life will go on.

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