Vitamin D3 Enhances Innate Immunity To Fight COVID-19

COVID-19, a microscopic virus spreading across the globe has brought the world to a standstill.

Frontline workers are striving to contain the virus and scientists are in a race against time to find a cure for the novel coronavirus.

In the meantime, how can we sustain life while the pandemic persists?

Staying strong, healthy, and hygienic is surely the first step in keeping ourselves out of harm’s way. In order to stay fit, we need a strong immune system to fight against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

Building a great immune system requires regular exercise, a healthy diet, frequent hydration, and finally, a healthy dose of vitamin intake.

Vitamins: Body-Nourishing Dietary Supplements

Vitamin is an essential nutrient and fat-soluble secosteroid that humans need - to stay healthy, to maintain strong bones, to move the muscles, and to strengthen the immune system. A reputed scientific journal, Nutrient, published a review article that suggested a strong correlation between low Vitamin D3 levels and the occurrence of viral infections.

According to a study, Vitamin D3 has the potential to help the human body fight against COVID-19. It reduces the occurrence of fewer upper respiratory tract infections including influenza. In several scientific studies, it has also been reported that Vitamin D3 supplement is beneficial in reducing the risks of Influenza, Dengue, hepatitis C, Herpes, HIV, RSV, etc.

A study conducted across 20 European countries by the scientists of UK’s Anglia Ruskin University and Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust. It shows that people with low levels of Vitamin D3 are more prone to COVID-19 than others.

Italy and Spain, two countries that have the highest COVID-19 mortality rate, have the lowest average Vitamin-D intake than any other northern European countries. The Scandinavian countries are noted to be the least affected due to the pandemic due to their intake of cod liver oil and other vitamin-enriched supplements.

Further, the researchers added that Vitamin D has shown to protect against acute respiratory diseases.

Natural sources of Vitamin D3:

  • Fatty fish such as Salmon and Tuna.
  • Milk products such as cheese, eggs, and butter.
  • Mushrooms that are exposed to ultraviolet light are a rich source of Vitamin D3
  • For vegans or people with milk-product allergies, plant-based food is an alternative source of Vitamin D3.

Sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D3

The human body gets its fill of Vitamin D3 when Cholecalciferol present in the lower layers of the skin reacts with sunlight (especially UVB radiation).However, exposure to the sun varies all over the world. In areas of low sunlight exposure, Vitamin D3 can be taken in the form of diet supplements or nutraceuticals.

Zim Laboratories Orally Disintegrating Vitamin D3 Strip

Now that it has been conclusively proven that optimum levels of Vitamin D3 in the human body will be beneficial in fighting Covid19, ZIM Laboratories has increased production of its highly effective Vitamin supplement, Finevit D3.Finevit D3 comes in the form of Orally Dis-solvable Films and enhances the innate immunity of the body to fight against all sorts of viruses and pathogens.Here are the five reasons we make it in the form of Oral Thin Films:

  • Better absorption in the blood.
  • No water required for swallowing. Administering it to children and patients with swallowing difficulties becomes easier.
  • Better and enhanced taste (available in strawberry flavor)
  • They are easy to carry (Can fit in a wallet)
  • Patented and proven drug delivery technology from ZIM Laboratories, India.

These strips have better clinical efficacy and dosing accuracy as compared to granules and liquid formulations. They also have a long shelf life and don’t lose their stability.

About ZIM Laboratories

ZIM Labs is an innovative drug delivery solution provider focusing on improving patient convenience and adherence to drug intake. We offer a range of technology-based drug delivery solutions and non-infringing proprietary manufacturing processes for production and supply of innovative and differentiated generic pharmaceutical products to our customers globally. ZIM provides its customers with a comprehensive range of value-added solid dosage differentiated generic products in semi-finished and finished categories/formulations. These include granules, pellets (sustained, modified, extended-release), taste-masked powders, suspensions, tablets, capsules and it’s recently developed Oral Thin Films (OTF).


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